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We are reaching out to you during this crucial time to seek your support for MyAlly Health (previously Valley Health), a non-profit organization that has been a pillar of our community for nearly 50 years. We urgently need your support to keep our doors open and continue serving the most vulnerable members of our community. Your donation can make a significant impact, ensuring that we can provide essential services and support to those in need.

In a time of unprecedented financial challenges, we find ourselves compelled to seek support in a manner we have never done before. It is crucial for us to be transparent about the circumstances that have led to this decision. Contrary to the challenges being a result of frivolous spending, our situation has been precipitated by a decline in federal funding sources, creating unforeseen difficulties in sustaining our essential services.

This significant change in grant funding has notably affected our ability to carry out our mission, prompting the need for this request. We were notified of a 66% decrease in our primary funding source compared to the previous years just days prior to the commencement of the grant cycle. Additionally, some grants that were previously accessible to us are currently unavailable, increasing our vulnerability to a more severe economic impact.

We have always taken pride in managing our resources diligently, ensuring the utmost efficiency in delivering care and support to those who need it most. Our skeletal crew of 7 employees handles a significant workload, managing nearly several thousand encounters each year. Despite our small size, we are dedicated to making a meaningful impact and ensuring our community receives the care it deserves.

While we are dealing with immediate financial pressures, our focus extends beyond short-term fixes. We are committed to implementing sustainable measures that will fortify MyAlly Health’s financial health, ensuring our ability to serve the community effectively for years to come.

Our Legacy of Service:

For nearly five decades, MyAlly Health has been at the forefront of community health, empowering and engaging individuals in their well-being and reproductive health. Our commitment extends beyond providing healthcare services; we focus on education, counseling, advocacy, and creating a space where everyone can access the care they need. Our legacy speaks to the impact we’ve had on countless lives. Your contribution will help us extend this legacy and reach even more individuals in need.

I wanted to share heartfelt stories that illustrate the profound impact MyAlly Health has had on members of our community. These narratives highlight the essential role that MyAlly Health plays in supporting individuals and fostering a healthier, more connected community.

One individual expressed immense gratitude for MyAlly Health’s support during a challenging period. Facing financial constraints and unable to afford healthcare independently, they shared how MyAlly Health’s assistance allowed them to concentrate on their aspirations for the future. This included pursuing better job opportunities and education. The sliding fee scale offered by MyAlly Health proved crucial during a time of job loss, lack of transportation, and the challenges of rebuilding life after incarceration.

In another touching account, a patient emphasized the vital role MyAlly Health played in providing comprehensive care when their insurance fell short. Struggling financially, MyAlly Health stepped in to alleviate the burden, ensuring access to necessary services. The individual shared that without this support, navigating their healthcare needs would have been exceptionally challenging.

Furthermore, MyAlly Health’s impact extended beyond the realm of physical health. A brave individual, trapped in an abusive relationship, found solace in the confidential care provided by MyAlly Health. The organization not only addressed their medical needs but also played a crucial role in facilitating the path to safety and well-being.

These stories underscore the diverse ways in which MyAlly Health fulfills its mission to empower and engage individuals, demonstrating a commitment to holistic well-being and reproductive health through compassionate, accessible, and supportive healthcare services. MyAlly Health plays a critical role in fostering a community where individuals can thrive, regardless of their circumstances. By supporting MyAlly Health, we are not just preserving a healthcare service; we are investing in the well-being and resilience of our community.

In 2023, 73% of our patients lived at or below 250% of the federal poverty level (FPL) and 28% were uninsured. Client base was mostly women (83%). Nearly 50% were below 100% FPL and qualified for free services and supplies. No one is turned away based on their ability to pay. Besides living in poverty, many clients are dealing with issues of violence, trauma, mental health disorders and disparities, unhealthy relationships and educational disparities.

What We Stand For:

Voluntary and Confidential Services: Our services are built on principles of choice and confidentiality. We respect each individual’s right to make decisions about their health in a safe and private environment.

Affordable Care: We operate on a sliding fee scale, ensuring that low-income individuals can access quality healthcare. Services are provided free of charge to those below the FPL, a lifeline for uninsured and under-insured clients.

Meeting Critical Needs: MyAlly Health plays a vital role in meeting the needs of our community’s most vulnerable individuals. For many clients, we are their primary and ongoing source of healthcare and health education.

How You Can Help:

Donate: Your financial contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant difference. It directly supports our ability to provide vital services to those who may not have access otherwise.

Spread the Word: Share our GoFundMe campaign with your network. The more people who know about our cause, the greater our collective impact.

Advocate: Join us in advocating for reproductive health and well-being. Your voice amplifies our message and helps us create a healthier and more informed community.

Become a Patient: Did you know that anyone can become a patient at MyAlly Health? Whether you need an annual exam, breast exam, Pap Smear, STI testing, pregnancy testing, birth control, immunizations, sports physical or many more services, we’re here for you. Come to us for compassionate and comprehensive healthcare services.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

MyAlly Health is more than just a healthcare provider; we are a community that cares. Your support ensures that we can continue our mission, providing a lifeline to those in need. Donate now and be a part of transforming lives through MyAlly Health. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our community’s health and well-being.

As MyAlly Health contributes significantly to the well-being of the Greater Grand Forks community, please refer to our website to explore the comprehensive scope of services MyAlly Health has to offer.