Birth Control

Birth control, also known as contraception, is a safe and easy way to prevent pregnancy. Some birth control methods may also help protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), help with acne or are used to control heavy periods. There are many different birth control methods. Our healthcare providers can help you find the right birth control to fit your needs.

MyAlly Health provides up-to-date, medically accurate information on all birth control options. All services provided at MyAlly Health are confidential.

Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing a birth control method including, but not limited to:

  • Which options are the best at preventing pregnancy?
  • Which options are the easiest to use or the most convenient?
  • Which options help ease mensuration problems?
  • Which options prevent STIs?
  • Which options require a prescription or need to be placed by a healthcare provider?
  • Which options contain hormones?
  • Which options are discreet?

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