Birth Control | Fertility Awareness MethodFertility Awareness Method

The fertility awareness method (FAM), also known as “natural family planning” is when an individual monitors their menstrual cycle and abstains from sex on the days they are most fertile. To have success with this method, you need to learn about your menstrual cycle to be able to predict which days you are most fertile. This method works best for individuals with a regular menstrual cycle. Monitoring can be done using a calendar, color-coded beads, cervical mucus detection or through a FAM phone app.



66%-98% typical use

88%-99% effective when used perfectly

Things you may like about the FAM:

  • Non-hormonal
  • No side effects
  • No menstrual changes
  • Little to no cost
  • Increased knowledge of reproductive cycle
  • May achieve pregnancy if used in reverse

Things you may dislike about the FAM:

  • Determining fertility may be difficult
  • Often doesn’t work with irregular cycles
  • Less reliable if ill, breastfeeding or stressed
  • Less reliable with certain medications
  • Requires abstinence at certain times
  • Requires discipline and commitment


$0 – $60+ to purchase supplies that assist with the FAM.

MyAlly Health does not sell FAM supplies, but our providers can help choose the right method for you.

*Disclaimer: Costs are an estimate. Additional or different services may be ordered by the provider that may not be included in this price.

Does it protect against STIs?

No. The fertility awareness method does not protect from STIs. Use condoms to reduce the spread of STIs.

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